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Inns Court Community & Family Centre.

The Inns Court Community & Family Centre was established in 1997 to run the then newly built Community Centre.  The life of the charity since then has been a bit of a rollercoaster – long story!  But the Trustees and staff have always focussed on serving the Inns Court and wider community with services and activities they want and need.


A lot of work has been done by past, existing and new trustees to bring the Centre to life after a few years of inertia – we are starting to see the fruit of this work with the Centre in operation 10 hrs per day, 7 days per week and a 350% increase in use since pre-Covid days.

You can read about our current activities elsewhere on this site (link to page)  The following are our Mission, Vision and Values for the charity.  They are currently under review at the moment – because, well, everything needs revision once in a while.  They will be updated soon.

We were established with the following Vision, Mission and Values.  These align with the vision, mission and values of our partners. 

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Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision is for the lives of local individuals & families to improve, the community thrive and the natural environment to flourish through care & acts of kindness.


Our Mission is to show care and kindness by offering facilities and services that address people’s emotional, social, educational and physical needs; to grow a deeper sense of community in partnership with local churches, voluntary and statutory organisations where appropriate and possible. 


In our Values we recognise the uniqueness of every person; treating everyone with respect, dignity, generosity, love and humility irrespective of their age, gender identity, ability or disability, race, nationality, ethnicity, culture, class, religious beliefs, political affiliation or sexual orientation. 

In the context of our vision and mission, we hold the following as essential to a good and healthy operational environment. 

Respect for: 


  • All users of the centre and partner organisations, shown in friendly relationships and the provision of quality services and through encouraging all to participate in the evaluation of services. 

  • The facilities and resources of the Centre and to ensure they are used wisely. 

  • All volunteers, members of staff and trustees, encouraging and enabling them to develop their full potential. 

  • Leaders and their roles throughout the organisation.

Integrity shown in: 


  • Personal and collective commitment to the mission of the Centre. 

  • Consistent application of our vision, mission and values through all work practices. 

  • Commitment to the very best practice in the delivery of our programs and services. 

  • Honesty and transparency at all levels of the organisation. 

Teamwork including: 


  • Cooperation and collaboration that results in good quality outcomes for individuals and for the wider community. 

  • A positive and productive contribution to the well-being of the area served by the Centre and of Inns Court in particular through the range of programs and services provided. 

  • Commitment to inclusive and consultative leadership practices. 

  • Recognition of our duty of care to support and encourage one another. 

  • Recognition that the Centre serves the wider community in partnership with others. 

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