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Trustees, Staff & Volunteers

Our staff and volunteers are our most prized asset – they enable things to happen smoothly and safely.  Above all they really care about the community and the Inns Court residents: they are working dead hard to ensure needs are met and lives are made enjoyable rather than endurable.

Our Trustees

Photo of Bernard.jpg
Rev. Bernard Morris

Hi – I am the Chair of Trustees at ICCFC as well as Senior Pastor of Inns Court Christian Fellowship.  I have been an ICCFC trustee for 14 years having started when Alistair Palmer was Chair.  I have recently retired from my NHS Chartered Accountant role and am loving spending time with my family including my new grandson and serving the Inns Court community.

Julie Edwards 

Hello, I have been an ICCFC Trustee for 7 years.  Having grown up locally, I wanted to give something back to the community.  In my work I have been the Childcare Manager at BAND Ltd which works with childcare settings to make them more sustainable.

Photo (Lizzie Briggs).jpg
Lizzie Briggs 

Hi – I am a relatively new Trustee and am currently balancing maternity leave with charity consultancy.  I am loving the new Inns Court Centre projects, especially Boing! which is perfect for my one-year old and easy to come to meet friends and family.  I have lots of experience in the voluntary sector and am looking forward to using that to help the Inns Court Community & Family Centre.

Photo (Chris Duncan).jpg
Chris Duncan 

Hey, I’m Chris, I live locally and have a young family.  I am ambitious and love the potential of the Centre and am looking forward to seeing it evolve into an award-winning place that makes a real difference to the Inns Court Community (something which has started already).  I have experience in community development and successfully managing community projects, including fundraising, volunteer management and growing mini social enterprises and am looking forward to using these skills to help develop the charity and Centre.

Photo of Lil Bowers.jpg
Lil Bowers

Hello – I’m Lil.  I work locally as the Community & Family Locality Manager for South Bristol Children’s Centre. We love the Centre and community and want to see it grow and develop and realise the potential it has – that’s why we have put so much time and energy into bringing it to where it is now.  I have supported the Board for 3 years.   

Our Staff

Photo of RR.jpg
Richard Reddrop

Hi I’m Richard, currently Development Worker and temporary Operations Manager for ICCFC.  I established Boing! Lockleaze in 2011 and brought the idea to ICCFC in 2018, opening it in September 2021.  I was inspired to set up Boing! mainly due to the church-run place I visited when I went part-time to look after my young daughter (now a teenager!).  It was a very simple place with some basic equipment and a lovely cafe but what made it special were the staff who really engaged with customers and made us feel welcome.  That vibe, in particular, is what we strive for at the Inns Court Community & Family Centre - what makes it a special place and I am really excited to see the potential of the Inns Court Centre realised over the next few years.

Lisa Gilbert

Hi, I joined ICCFC in July 2013 and am the ICCFC receptionist and administrator.  Previously I worked for 17 years in a screen printing company - I left to have my first child and needed a job which worked around childcare.  I always wanted a job helping people rather than the corporate sector with tight deadlines and stress so this job seemed ideal.  10 years on and I am still here and can honestly say this could very well be the most rewarding job anyone could do.  I love every day of it, helping elderly, families, working with a great team.  It’s just amazing to be a part of.

Photo of Lisa, Ange and Jo.jpg
Angela Perrett 

I’m Ang, the Sprint Community Transport Project Manager.  Having joined ICCFC in 2006 as a driver, I now lead the Sprint team, ensuring they meet the statutory high standards. I am a qualified Midas trainer, teaching minibus awareness and accessible training to drivers from other organisations. Before working here, I was a qualified mechanical engineer, specialising in quality control and left when I fell pregnant for twins. I applied for this job as it was local to me and did not feel confident to return to a high-pressure job. This was supposed to be a temporary position whilst I recovered my confidence.

OOPS - I forgot to leave, I find this job very rewarding and feel I am giving back to my community.  The feedback, the conversations we have with members and the difference our team makes is unbelievable.

Photo (Zoe Probert).jpg
Zoe Probert 

I’m Zoe and have been Boing! Manager since September 2021.  My background is in youth and community work - in this role I get to combine my skills with my phase of life of being a mum to an under 5!  I live in and love South Bristol so to work somewhere that is keen to invest and be active in the community is amazing.  I am passionate about empowering and supporting families to wholeness. This is something key to Boing! as its affordability means that people are able to attend regularly and we are able to build relationships with families giving us the privilege to journey with them.

Amy Barnes

Hi, I’m Amy, I live locally and am one of the Boing! Inns Court Party Hosts.  I also do some cleaning for Boing! Inns Court.

Photo of Clare Baber.jpg
Clare Baber

Hi, I’m Clare and I live locally.  I’ve had over 20 years working experience with early years in a variety of settings only having a ‘break’ to have 3 children of my own! 

I love singing along to a good power ballad and getting creative.  My children are super-active so we love exploring the outdoors in our free time.

I really look forward to seeing you at Boing! either through my role as Café Assistant and/or Party Host.

Photo of Geoff Jordan.jpg
Geoff Jordon 

Hi, my name’s Geoff.  I live locally and am one of the Sprint drivers.

Steve Belgium 

My name’s Steve – I am the Centre cleaner and caretaker.

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