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The Sprint Community Transport Service

Testimonials & Reviews

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JP, local Sprint customer

It’s really lovely and helps me to stay connected. There’s a monthly programme and I go to whatever I fancy. If I didn’t have The Sprint, I often wouldn’t see a soul.

It’s so nice being collected and the service makes a lot of people very happy. Once you start going to events and activities, you begin to see people time and time again and start to establish friendships. I never worry about going to things on my own because everyone is so friendly. It’s definitely helped me to feel less lonely.

JW, local Sprint customer

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The Sprint has helped me to make many new friends. There are always people here of all ages and abilities, and most importantly, lots of smiles and laughter. It never fails to cheer me up.

Lockdown had a profound effect on my generation.  A lot of us lost our confidence and some people barely saw a soul over the course of a week, even after restrictions ended. The Sprint makes such a huge difference – it helps with isolation and is so affordable too. You only have to pick up the phone and someone will help you.

LN, local Sprint customer

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The Sprint is the best thing that’s happened to me in years. During the pandemic, I lost eyesight in one eye and completely lost my confidence. I stopped going out and don’t feel able to get the bus anymore. That’s why I depend on The Sprint – they’ve helped restore my confidence and they’re so helpful and understanding. The staff there always go above and beyond – from bringing my shopping bags to the door to delivering meals to me during lockdowns. I now look forward to my Monday supermarket trip and comparing what’s in my basket with my friends – it’s become a real social occasion!

VN, local Sprint customer

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