Inns Court Sprint Transport Service


We are a door to door community transport service for the Knowle area of Bristol. We pride ourselves on being a friendly approachable team with a fleet of 4 vehicles all wheelchair accessible. We have been operating for over 20 years and have over 400 members, many of whom call us their lifeline. We take them shopping, to doctors, hairdressers, social clubs and also provide monthly trips outside the area. Many friendships have been forged between members and the staff feel the members are like family. We regularly go above and beyond by checking in on anyone we have not seen for a while or have been poorly.

In April 2020, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Sprint service had to temporarily close.  However, in July, well before most other providers, we were able to re-start the service, adhering fully to COVID guidance - to the delight of regular users as unlike most bus services it picks them up from their homes and drops them back again.  This gives our members their independence back as quite a number have difficulty walking and often cannot access bus stops.

All our buses are 'Covid secure' - since summer 2020 we have implemented new safety measures, reviewing and adapting these with every subsequent full and mini lockdown/announcement.  These include wearing gloves, masks, having plentiful supplies of sanitiser, taped off seats to comply with social distancing, shopping “bubbles” containing only five or six people who sit in the same seats to a destination and back again.  We also use the same bus to go to a destination and come back again to avoid cross contamination.  And when we return to base we fully clean the buses down…

What do our members say?

“Thanks to the team for being back serving the community again. I have not been to a supermarket since lockdown began.  My first trip was a little daunting but it was run perfectly professionally, both drivers and buses well adapted for the pandemic. A huge thankyou to you all…” CT (aged 51)

“Loving that the Sprint is back, giving me my independence – and I feel safe.”  MM (aged 84)

Sprint staff

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Angela Perrett

Transport Manager

My name is Angela Perrett. I have worked for The Sprint Community Transport as a driver for 14yrs+.

I started the job thinking it was ideal, as it is near to home and where my children were at school.

I thought I would go back to engineering eventually but I fell in love with the job.


I have built strong and lasting relationships with our members (often referring to them as my extra family), I have seen staff come and go but believe we have an amazing, dedicated team.


To be given the trust of this vulnerable and sometimes invisible part of the community is an honor.

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I had always wanted a job helping people, I can safely say I have found just that!  This job gives me such satisfaction knowing that I am serving the community, helping out in whichever way I can, it's the best feeling.

Lisa Gilbert

Administrator &


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Coming soon...

Geoff Jordan