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We are finalists in the 2023 Community Transport Awards

Sprint Community Transport Service

So much more than a bus…

We are a door to door community transport service for the Knowle area of Bristol. We pride ourselves on being a friendly approachable team with a fleet of 4 vehicles all wheelchair accessible.


We have been operating for over 20 years and have over 400 members, many of whom call us their lifeline. We take them shopping, to doctors, hairdressers, social clubs and also provide monthly trips outside the area. Many friendships have been forged between members and the staff feel the members are like family. We regularly go above and beyond by checking in on anyone we have not seen for a while or have been poorly. 

It’s really lovely and helps me to stay connected. There’s a monthly programme and I go to whatever I fancy. If I didn’t have The Sprint, I often wouldn’t see a soul.

JP, local Sprint customer

It’s so nice being collected and the service makes a lot of people very happy. Once you start going to events and activities, you begin to see people time and time again and start to establish friendships. I never worry about going to things on my own because everyone is so friendly. It’s definitely helped me to feel less lonely.

JW, local Sprint customer

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