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The Garden

Inns Court Kitchen & Wildlife Garden

The fruit and vegetable growing at Inns Court Community & Family Centre is managed by Knowle West Edible Gardens C.I.C. The gardening is done by volunteers, and a morning's work usually ends with us sharing a cooked lunch.


We use purely organic methods: no pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers. This is because we believe that the way to grow vigorous plants, get the most food from the land and also help make sure there's a future for the human race, is by working with nature and maintaining a healthy environment.


We are also convinced that the best way to feed people is with food that's grown on their doorsteps - then there is no need for packaging or transportation. In addition, it is now known that working outdoors with plants and soil is fantastic for physical and mental health. It's not only moving around in the fresh air; when you touch soil, the 'happy' chemical, serotonin, passes into your skin and increases your sense of wellbeing. So if you'd like to get happier and healthier - get in touch, come down and get your hands dirty!

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